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Model Motoring Inc. brings you various HO slot car parts, tools and accessories for the increased and further enjoyment of the HO slot car hobby...We currently offer you various replacement parts for the Aurora Thunderjet chassis and cars, Model Motoring HO track, new items that were never before released, and structures for your layout.  There is also clear cases for special storage and display of your HO Aurora Thunderjets and Model Motoring cars.

Model Motoring Parts & Other Items

This section also lists various other parts and accessories relating to Model Motoring Inc. and the Aurora Thunderjet chassis.  You can order any of these items listed here in our online store and be sure to check out our catalog listing for more specific details including item numbers if they aren't listed here..

Thunderplus HO Slot Car Chassis The Thunder Plus Chassis - Short Wheelbase #9800-A, Long Wheelbase #39800-B - SOLD OUT

BIG NEWS! Model Motoring has just completed new control drawings and has begun re-working the Thunder Plus chassis tooling to bring the specs in line with the original Aurora chassis. The Armatures are being compared also and the same process is being applied. We hope to have the first new working chassis available again in the Fall baring any problems. We will keep working on this until completed and will not be swayed should others introduce a new t-jet chassis in the future!


Colored Aluminum Wheel Sets

Aluminum hub sets in anodized colors.  

$9.99 a set. Comes with 2 shallow front hubs, 2 deep dish rear hubs, 4 nuts 2 axles, 2 front tires and 2 wide silicone rear tires.  Choice of 5 colors.  Our Aluminum Shallow Dish Hub Sets also come in anodized colors.

New Aluminum Wheels and Tires

Aluminum screw-on hubs with tires 

Reasonably priced at $9.99 a set

Includes 2 shallow front hubs, 2 deep dish rear hubs, 4 nuts 2 axles, 2 front tires & 2 wide silicone rear tires.

Aluminum shallow dish hubs with
standard t-jet tires 

Priced at $9.99 a set
NEW! Anodized Colors are also now $9.99 a set

Includes 4 shallow hubs, 4 nuts 2 axles, 2 front tires & 4 standard t-jet tires. #9200F is similar to the other sets but includes four shallow hubs all around.

Original Style Thunderjet Hubs (wheels)

Missing or worn wheels on your Thunderjet chassis?  Replace them with some nice and shiny chrome original style T-jet hubs.  These wheels will make your old chassis look like new!

$2.25 for a set of 4

HO Thunderjet Guide Pins

Thunderjet HO Guide Pins

These currently produced guide pins are exact reproductions which will work on the Aurora Thunderjet chassis, old and new, plus other similar screw-on chassis with some modifications.  An excellent item just like the original.

$.65 each or 10 for $5.50

NEW!!!  Rear (Back-Up) Red Thunderjet HO Guide Pins

Looking for that red rear guide pin so you can reverse your cars on the track using those steering wheel controllers?  Here's your chance as Model Motoring Inc. presents our reproduction red rear guide pins for Thunderjet and similar screw-on chassis.

Part #9501B - Set of 10 for $5.50

Motor Brushes for Thunderjet chassis

Motor Brushes for Thunderjets

Get your chassis back into running condition.  These will work in T-jet and similar chassis.

$1.75 a pair

body screws for Thunderjet bodies

Thunderjet Threaded Body Screws

How many times are you missing the right screw to mount the body to the chassis?  Well, here they are!!!  The right screw for the right job without ruining your body post.

$1.60 for set of 10

Thunderjet Pick-Up Shoes

After putting a lot of miles on your HO slot cars, you will need to replace your worn out shoes.  Here they are, brand new shoes to replace those missing or worn out ones.

$1.75 a pair

T-jet Pick-Up Shoe Springs

Thunderjet Pick-Up Shoe Springs

The most often lost item in a slot car chassis.  You can replace those lost or missing springs to get your chassis back into running condition.

$1.20 a pair

Stock T-jet Axles  9508 $2.50 pr

Stock "T-jet" Tire Sets  9503
Set of 4 $2.25

T-jet Motor Clamp  9509 $0.80 ea.

Silicone T-jet Style Narrow Silicone Racing Slicks  9510 $1.50 pr

Original Style Crown Gear - Stock Replacement Tooth  9511 $0.80 each

Guard rail posts  9403-A $0.75
(Guard rail sets listed below)


The Curved Bleachers are great for any layout!  Find them in the Trackside Structures section.

pmhard.jpg (4574 bytes)

fstangb.jpg (4150 bytes)

rearstangb.jpg (5241 bytes)

Reproduction Mustang Parts for Aurora Thunderjets

Painted 1965 Mustang Hardtops in Black only - $5.95 a pair
Front Chrome for Mustang - $5.95 a pair
Rear Chrome for Mustang - $5.95 a pair

These are vacuum-plated over styrene plastic not resin.

High Quality Plastic Replacement Windshields

new replacement windshields for Thunderjets

These fit original Thunderjet (T-jet) bodies.  $4.50 ea

63 T-bird roadster
63 Galaxie Convertible
65 A/C Cobra roadster
65 Mustang convertible
65 Mustang hardtop (Clear Top - $4.49 each)

Lock and Joiner Sets (Pins and Clips)

These are used to connect track sections together securely. Works with original and new Model Motoring HO slot car track.

Price: $2.75 per set - 10 Pins & 5 Joiners in each set.

Track Clips - Price: $ .50 each

Helps hold tracks together tightly. Also, for use with specialty pieces such as single lane track, turn-offs, Y-track, etc.

NEW!!!  Replacement Steering Wheels
Chrome #9512 $5.50 - Pair or Black #9513 $4.50 - Pair

These are replacement steering wheels for original Aurora Model Motoring controllers to replace your worn, broken or missing steering wheels.  They are available in chrome (pictured) or black.  Sold in pairs.

Guard Rail Sets- $6.95 per set

guard rail sets

Flexible guard rails clip onto the side of HO slot car track to keep the cars from flying off!  This is considered one of the best guard rails for use on your HO track. It easily follows the contour of your track.  Each Set contains: 28 white posts and 4 18-inch guard rails

Clear T-jet Car Cases - $4.98 a pair


These clear cases are 3 1/8th" long, 1 1/2" wide and 1 1/4" high.  They have the Model Motoring logo on the top of the case.  These are sold with a card insert and foam.  We also are offering foam separately as well for $0.75

Mylar decals for the Willys - $1.00 each

They are $1.00 each for either style.  Available in either transparent or white.  Stock #9800-C white and #9800-D clear.

Visit our online store to order online using a credit card.  You can also order by phone at (888) 775 - 3322 from 8am to 4pm PST Mon-Fri to get these various HO slot cars and accessories from Model Motoring Inc.

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