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Flamed Willys - $22.00

Flamed Willys LE

New blister packaging! Click me to see a larger image!Most of our Model Motoring Inc. HO slot cars first came in a full color blister package with a brand new old stock Thunderjet chassis.  You can run these right out of the package without having to buy a chassis.  They are great cars for your HO slot car track which will run on old and new (current) HO slotted track from Aurora, Mattel / Tyco, AFX, Tomy, Life-Like, etc.  These cars are offered in over ten different molded colors with excellent detail including two candy painted colors.  We also have limited edition color schemes available.

Currently we are selling our Model Motoring Inc. HO slot cars in the hard plastic display cases with card such as the ones pictured here.  Most of our releases will now come in our plastic case instead of the blister package.  We will be including our own reproduction Aurora Thunderjet chassis called the "Thunder Plus" in our new releases...View our printed catalog listing for ordering numbers for calling or faxing in an order or you may shop online for our products.

Standard Model Motoring Car Colors include:  candy painted green, candy painted red, black, red, blue, yellow, green, burgundy, purple, orange, lime, and white.

Retail Prices:  Bodies start at $4.99 each, Standard Color Cars $19.95, Candy & Chrome Colors $24.95, Special & Limited Editions and Limited edition bodies range from $9.95 to $29.95

Scroll down for photos of our line-up of detailed HO Model Motoring Inc. Slot Cars - Click on the Thumbnails for larger views of each car.  Look at the detail on our models and most of them are molded in color for crisper detailing as compared to painted-over cars that our competitors sell.

1967 Plymouth GTX Drag Kit

Model Motoring Inc. brings you this 1967 Plymouth GTX Drag Kit to allow you to build up your very own special drag car or custom street car like the "Silver Bullet" and many others.  This kit is priced at $19.95 and comes as a body only.  Here is your chance to build up that special Hemi Plymouth for your HO slot car racing enjoyment.  Order these now in the online store so you don't miss out on them.

1967 Plymouth GTX "Hemi" Street Car

Model Motoring Inc is proud to present you with the street version of the Plymouth GTX.

Please note that it differs from the drag car with a new hood that has two hood scoops plus either black or white stripes running down the length of the car.  They are available as complete cars at $19.95 each for standard colors in the online store plus as bodies also

Check out some more shots of the brand new 1967 Plymouth GTX street car from Model Motoring Inc.  Notice the street style hood with dual scoops and stripes running down the car.  Excellent detail all around!!!


1967 Plymouth Sox & Martin GTX Drag Car

Now available for order at $14.95 in the online store with them limited to only a total of 2500 pieces.  Remember to get your order in now for this car since once they are gone they will be gone forever.

Please note that the May 2004 issue of Toy Cars & Models magazine had a two-page feature on this car - check out the article here.

1965 Mustang 2+2 Fastback HO Slot Car

1965 Ford Mustangs:  Fastback, Hardtop and Convertibles

The first pony car by Aurora and reproduced for you by Model Motoring Inc.  We took the extra effort to copy the original Aurora design to replicate these Mustangs.  They feature the same type tops, boots, bumpers, glass, etc. as the originals with the standard Model Motoring Inc. copyright inside the body.

black_willys.jpg (13757 bytes)

1941 Willys Gasser

These Willys are almost virtually identical to the original Aurora Thunderjets with some slight changes such as no more sink marks!  You can tell these from the originals with the Model Motoring copyright information stamped on the inside.  These are also available in chrome plated red and green...Decals available now in the HO Parts & Accessories section.

Willys Only Colors!!!

fluorescent pink

florescent green

Currently Available Model Motoring HO Slot Cars - Order Online in Our Secure Store

  • Flamed Willys LE

  • 1965 Mustang 2+2

  • 1965 Mustang Hardtop with black or colored top

  • 1965 Mustang Convertible

  • 1941 Willys Coupe

  • 1967 Plymouth GTX Sox and Martin Drag Car LE

  • 1967 Plymouth GTX Street Car

  • 1967 Plymouth Drag Car Body Kit

The un-decorated, un-chromed first test shots before the first finished product came out in 1998...

1941 Willys Gasser Willy Demo - Front - Click me for larger size Willy Demo - Side - Click me for larger size Willy Demo - Rear - Click me for larger size


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