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We Buy Original Aurora Thunderjets, Vibrators Cars - Parts, etc.

Looking to sell your original Aurora HO Vibrator, Thunderjet Slot Cars, Chassis, and / or Parts?

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Aurora Thunderjets Vibrators etcModel Motoring Inc. is currently purchasing from one car to entire collections of original Aurora HO slot car items.  So if you have that old Aurora Vibrator Jaguar sitting in a box somewhere along with a Thunderjet Mustang, Batmobile, Torino, etc. hidden away just collecting dust why not give us a try and put some dollars in your pocket.  Highest prices paid for your items!!!

Dig through your home and see what you can turn up.  One of the things with us is that you don't have to worry about the hassles of trying to sell the items yourself such as on an auction site since we will give you cash without having to sell anything on consignment so you get your money up front.

Email Model Motoring Inc.If you have something to sell, just email us detailing what you currently have and we will take a look over it.  We'll consider what you have available and give you a price accordingly to the amount of items and condition.

Cash Paid for your Aurora HO Slot CarsRemember from a car or two to entire collections of HO slot cars it doesn't matter to us.  Model Motoring Inc. is very interested in what you have and we will give you our honest opinion on what it is worth.  Avoid the hassles of consignment shops, auctions, and scammers.  We will give you the money you deserve for your original Aurora HO slot cars from Vibrators to Thunderjets to other slot car items.


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